The Process

Initial Contact

When we first connect I assess your needs and goals. Depending on the service you need, I send you an email with the next steps.

For any maintenance or auditing, I start right away! Give me a couple days and I'll send a full report. If you're in need of a design service I send you a brief questionnaire to fill out. This survey will help me create a personalized wireframe and mood board for you.

Wireframe & Mood Board

Once you submit your design survey, I begin designing your mood board and wireframe. I use Miro to create an online "whiteboard" to present these assets to you. The Miro will have three sections: General Aesthetic, References, and the Wireframe.

The General Aesthetics section features a color palette, font pairing, and other inspiration. A brief explanation of design choices is also provided.

The References section has screenshots of inspiration from your design survey. I also highlight important features or design aspects we'll be leaning into.

Your custom Wireframe is a hand-drawn outline of your website. I provide notes on important features and explanations of movement through the website.

Design & Collaboration

If you're not pleased with the wireframe or mood board we can have a meeting about changes. If you are happy with your wireframe and mood board I get going on all the lovely business paperwork. After I've received your finished paperwork and a down payment we begin the fun!

If needed, I guide you through setting up your website. This means getting a hosting plan and domain name. Plus I help you install Wordpress and how to add me as an admin. Don't worry, I'll guide you through step-by-step.

After this initial set-up I take over! I start by installing security plugins and other features as needed. Then I start designing. Yay!

While your website is a current project, we will maintain communication via email. When I'm finished with important features or pages, I will reach out to you for a second design approval. Sometimes I have to adjust the initial design to accommodate specific content or issues that may arise.

The more communication you provide me, the sooner your website will get done!

Presentation & Send off

At the end of a a project I always wrap up with a send-off meeting and tutorial videos. We will have a 30-45 minute presentation of the design and logistics.

I will walk you through what you need to know about Wordpress if you choose to go DIY. I also provide a presentation of the website itself, and point out any important features you may have missed.

You'll then receive some short tutorial videos that you can download and save for future reference. These will be specific to your website and needs.